Creative Projects




Creative Projects
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Christine Fieldman May 1-30, August 1-30, October 1-30, 2016

Learn how to enhance your curriculum with Project Based Learning to align with the Common Core Standards. Give your students the opportunity to create exciting, meaningful projects to reinforce learning, initiate higher level thinking skills, incorporate differentiated instruction, assess content learned, and even use projects as a learning/study tool. Creative Projects will assist you in creating projects specifically for your content area and level, as well as introduce you to interdisciplinary projects to augment your program. Project topics will include: book reports, group projects, technology, community service, recycling projects, and the arts. Common Core and NYS Standards will be addressed. This course is appropriate for all teachers N-12, and all curriculum areas including ELA, Science, Social Studies, Math, The Arts, Special education, Foreign Language, Social Workers, etc.

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May 1-30, August 1-30, October 1-30, 2016


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