Bullying: Everyone’s Problem



3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Angela D’Amico


Bullying: Everyone’s Problem
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Angela D’Amico May 1-30, August 1-30, November 1-30

The bullying of children within our schools is a growing concern to teachers, administrators, and parents. Instances of bullying are reaching epidemic numbers and as of late, one can hardly turn on the evening news without seeing stories of the tragic and often fatal results of bullying. No age group is “safe” with instances of bullying being reported as early as kindergarten. As teachers, we cannot turn a “blind eye” or take the stand that “kids will be kids.” We must take a Zero Tolerance approach to bullying and do our part to keep our students safe. This course is designed to help teachers understand the facts about bullying through internet research. You will become familiar with the various types of bullying, the effects bullying has on the victims, gain ideas and valuable resources to help you in your fight against bullying, and learn creative projects which will help build empathy in your students. This course is appropriate for all areas of instruction including the Arts, ELA, Social Studies, Science and Foreign Language, N-12.

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May 1-30, August 1-30, November 1-30


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