Cultural Wonders of Europe



3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Jenni Slater


Cultural Wonders of Europe
3 In-service Credits/ 45 Hours Instructor: Jenni Slater June 1-28, August 1-30, November 1-30, March 1-30

Do you have a craving to learn more about important places, events and people who impacted Europe? Would you like to gain more knowledge on how to include our nearby neighbors in your culturally diverse classrooms? If you are a teacher in grades K-12 in the areas of ELA, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Math, the Arts, or Special Education, this course may be what you need. This course has a variety of activities that will help teachers to create lessons and projects which will interest their students and fulfill their varying needs. NYS Standards, student’s assessments, goals and outcomes will be addressed.

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June 1-28, August 1-30, November 1-30, March 1-30


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