NYC Canvas: Stand up for Social Justice



1 Inservice Credit or NYC P/A+ Credit/ 15 hours Instructor: Merdith Starr


NYC Canvas: Stand up for Social Justice
1 In-service Credit/ 15 hours Instructor: Meredith Starr March 1-30, May 1-30, June 1-30, August 1-30, October 1-30, December 1-30

The canvas of NYC in the 1970’s to 80’s was ridden with poverty, crime and chaos.  Artists took to the streets and subways to bring awareness and tell the stories of repressed people and social injustices. They stood up against bias and challenged traditional perspectives on race, poverty and politics. This course will explore the art of Jen-Michal Basquiat, Lady Pink and Keith Haring who have used NYC as their canvas to bring awareness and to teach tolerance for the plight of culturally and racially diverse people in NYC to the forefront through the art of graffiti.  Teachers and students can build capacity to understand each other’s similarities and differences by reflecting on the life lessons and works of brave artists for classroom exploration. Educate yourself and your students on ways to see art through the eyes of these artists and how you can use art for social change. Students will investigate how art can be used as the vehicle to increase awareness about social injustices. Students will engage in activities which call for introspection and self-reflection. Take a stand against social injustice and discover the impact you can make on the world through art.

This Course is offered for NYC P/A+ Credit 
NYC ASPDP P/A+ Credit Approved Dates: October 1-30, December 1-30
ASPDP Fee: $45.00 Education Partner Fee: $90.00 Materials Fee: $0.00 Total Fees: $135.00

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March 1-30, May 1-30, June 1-30, August 1-30, October 1-30, December 1-30


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