Put your Self-Directed Learner to Work!



1 Inservice Credit or NYC P/A+ Credit/ 15 hours Instructor: Jenni Slater


Put your Self-Directed Learner to Work!
1 In-service Credit/ 15 hours Instructor: Jenni Slater September 21-October 21, December 1-30

Education is ever evolving, in a society of diverse thinkers and learners. Teachers of all areas need to be adaptive in their instruction and curriculum to equally support all students, despite different levels of prior knowledge, different reading levels, different learning processes, among other factors. Fresh strategies are emerging which are placing student at the center of their own learning, by allowing them to build their reading and listening comprehension skills in more engaging and motivating ways. These strategies can transfer to different text and content areas, reinforcing knowledge retention. Similarly, these strategies should be integrated with texts from a variety of sources, reflective of your diverse classroom community. This course will help you become more familiar with several strategies that will lead you students to be more successful, and independent, in your classroom. This course is appropriate for all areas of instruction, including the Arts, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science and Foreign Language, K-12.

This Course is offered for NYC P/A+ Credit 
NYC ASPDP P/A+ Credit Approved Dates: September 21-October 21, December 1-30
ASPDP Fee: $45.00 Education Partner Fee: $90.00 Materials Fee: $0.00 Total Fees: $135.00

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September 21- October 21, December 1-30


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