Surviving the Holocaust



3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Janice McLachlan PEDC 9050


PEDC 9050 Surviving the Holocaust
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Janice McLachlan June 1-28, July 1-30, Sept. 1-29, January 3-30
University of the Pacific

The mass genocide of Jewish people and targeted “undesirable” people during WWII at the ruthless hands of the Nazi’s has been the most horrific crime against humanity of all time known as the Holocaust. How could something so evil happen to so many millions of people as the rest of world sat idly by? This course will help educators create meaningful appropriate resources to bring back to their classrooms. Notable web sites, art, music, writing, poetry and real life surviving testimonials will be our witness to the horrible atrocities that occurred during this dark time in history. These forms of expression helped victims persevere and serve as historical documents for us to learn from today. Educators will be able to choose age appropriate and instructionally relevant projects to teach students about the Holocaust and how these events affected the people of the world for an eternity. This course appropriate for all educators and will help promote good character traits and tolerance in and out of the classroom community. CCSS initiatives will be explored and applied in this course.

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June 1-28, July 1-30, Sept. 1-29, January 3-30


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