The Genius Hour Model

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3 Inservice Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Jessica Corcoran



The Genius Hour Model

3 Inservice Credits/ 45 Hours Instructor: Jessica Corcoran July 1-30, August 1-30

Students who take this course will gain insight into the Genius Hour Model and how to implement it in their schools and classrooms.  Unique individual opportunities to research a variety of different perspectives to delve into this student guided learning principle is the focus of the course.  Students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast the different styles of learning and work closely with the instructor to provide research and opinion based learning about the Genius Hour Model vs. typical methods of classroom instruction to promote increased student-centered inquiry and creativity in their individual learning environment.  The impact of how this form of teaching will impact special education students, individuals with a 504, or students with formal behavior plans will also be highlighted though the course.  Lastly, an overview of what was learned will be presented through a PowerPoint format. Your Genius Hour Model Project will be shared with course participants to maximize your repertoire of resources for best instructional practice. This course is appropriate for all educators k-12 who want to inspire the genius within themselves and each student.

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July 1-30, August 1-30


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