Blogging for Educating Professionals

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3 Graduate Level or Inservice Credits, Instructor: Jessica Corcoran



Blogging for Educating Professionals
3 Graduate Level or Inservice Credits/ 45 Hours Instructor: Jessica Corcoran, January 3-30, February 1-28, March 1-30, April 1-30, May 1-30, June 1-30, July 1-30, August 1-30

University of the Pacific

In Blogging for Educating Professionals, students will research blogging for educators and how to implement one into the classroom and daily life.  Educational blogs offer a huge instructional potential for an online resource, while assisting educators with furthering their knowledge in the specific area of their blog.  Students who take this course will be researching websites, articles, apps, books, and videos.  Participants in the course will study what educational blogging is, how to create a blog, and how to make blogs appealing to the online community.  All student’s will come out of the course with tips, utilization in the classroom, and topic ideas.  Participants will create their own mock blog on a topic of their choice.  Student’s can also share ideas and network with peers through the class forum.  A final presentation is designated to reflect on blogging, implementation, and takeaways from the course.  All participants taking this class will work closely with the instructor to reflect and research the online resources.  Google Meet availability is an option and feedback will be given for each assignment.  

This course is relevant to all who work in schools with children ages in both regular and special education settings. This course has been designed for all school administrators, regular and special education teachers (grades K-12 and ages 5 to 21), special area teachers (gym, art, music, technology) school psychologists, school counselors, guidance counselors, social workers, speech and language therapists or speech pathologists and occupational or physical therapists.

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January 3-30, February 1-28, March 1-30, April 1-30, May 1-30, June 1-30, July 1-30, August 1-30


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