Grouping Students with a Focus on Respect



3 In-service Credits or NYC P/A+ Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Jenni Slater


Grouping Students with a Focus on Respect
3 In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Jenni Slater March 1-31, April 1-30, June 1-30, July 1-31, September 1-29, November 1-30

Today, more than ever, students need to build positive social skills and must understand the importance of working as part of a team. Working collaboratively with classmates has huge benefits for students and allows them to prepare for real life scenarios. Even the most creative of educators may stay away from finding new ways to group students or attempting new strategies because students working in groups can become unpredictable, out of control and chaotic. Participants will create a variety of instructional activities, create appropriate student groups and will select materials that promote multiple perspectives, critical consciousness, are relatable and meaningful to students, and promote intellectual engagement with significant and challenging content. Activities created by participants in this course are developed to be student-centered and are rigorous in content instruction. These activities recognize and promote students’ cultural experiences, knowledge and expressions as assets for teaching and learning. Participants will create and become comfortable with developing a classroom culture that welcomes and affirms the individual identities and strengths of each student. So let us explore different ways to group students, the benefits students can gain from working together and new strategies that offer students the chance to work collaboratively. This course will help you gain a new sense of confidence when facing the fact that group work can be extremely engaging and a whole lot of fun! This course is appropriate for all areas of instruction including the Arts, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science and Foreign Language, K -12. Educators will create appropriate classroom resources according to their specific area of study.

This Course is Approved for NYC P/A+ Credit
ASPDP Approved NYC P/A+ Course Dates: June 1-30, July 1-31
ASPDP Fee: $125.00 Education Partner Fee: $210.00 Materials Fee: $0.00 Total Fees: $325.00

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March 1-31, April 1-30, June 1-30, July 1-31, September 1-29, November 1-30


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