Autism: A to Z


3 Graduate or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Lauren Porter


Autism: A to Z
3 Graduate Level or In-service Credits/ 45 hours Instructor: Lauren Porter November 1-30, July 1-30, Janaury 3-30, March 1-30, May 1-30

PEDC 9066 University of the Pacific
EDCI 649- 013 Andrews Univeristy

Autism Disorder has grown to gain national attention over the past several years and yet the understanding of this developmental disorder is truly limited. Did you know there are FIVE diagnosable types of this disorder? In this course you will learn the detailed differences between the types of Autism and the criteria for each. The course is designed to fully explain and understand all elements of this developmental disorder. The need for all teachers to have a complete understanding of the disorder is needed now more than ever, especially as NCLB and NYS promote the growing push for our special education population to be integrated among their typically developing peers, Symptomology will be described, as well as the diagnostic process. Theories of etiology will be explored. Classroom strategies for having students with this disability or classification in the general education environment will be covered. The students of this course will learn practical classroom modifications and strategies for working with some of these students so that the student may have access to the general education curriculum on a daily basis. Having a developmental disability has huge implications for the child; however, the implications also extend to the child’s family. Educators need to be prepared to assist the siblings’ emotional and educational needs as well, and understand what parental concerns may surface. Discussions of noted stressors and strategies for all educators are reviewed. Given the push for integrated classes the information in this class would be appropriate for all educators N-12, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, LOTE, ESL, Special Education, Occupational Therapists, the Arts, Physical Education, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers. Common Core Learning Standards are addressed.

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November 1-30, July 1-30, March 1-30, Janaury 3-30, May 1-30


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