Remote Learning in the Instrumental Classroom



3 Inservice Credit/ 45 hours Instructor Laura Ruotolo  May 1-30, June 1-30
Early access and flexible course scheduling available upon request. We support the needs of educators and their virtual classrooms.


Remote Learning in the Instrumental Classroom

3 Inservice Credits/ 45 hours Instructor Laura Ruotolo  May 1-30, June 1-30, Flexible Schedule Request

Keeping music in the lives of our students is vital during the current pandemic.  This course focuses on creating lesson plans, ideas, and resources to provide your instrumental music students to continue their music education at home.  Students will explore music videos, music resources, music websites, create assignments, lesson plans, and gain information on how to connect with their music students virtually.  This class is appropriate for all educators N-12, ELA, Social Studies, Math, Science, LOTE, ESL, Special Education, the Arts, Physical Education, Guidance Counselors and Social Workers.  This course will provide teachers with innovative ways to teach their instrumentalists online.

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May 1-30, June 1-30, July 1-30, August 1-30, Flexible Schedule Request


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